OMNeT++ Summit 2018 - Hackathon

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The event


libyuma can be used in simulated environments where each node has transactional configuration interface with a YANG model.

Project proposal

"Deterministic Network Modeling with YANG and Automated Discrete Event System Simulation of the Models with OMNeT++".

With YANG (RFC7950) model of the network topology - ietf-network-topology.yang (RFC8345) one can specify the nodes and the links and by
using model of the nodes ietf-network-bridge-flows.yang (draft) one can specify the behavior of each node part of the network. Network instance
data conforming to the 2 models can be used for simulation run using readily available tools like OMNeT++ if there is tool converting the instance
data file (e.g. my-network-001.xml to my-network-001.ned and C++ implementation of OMNeT++ model conforming to ietf-network-bridge.yang).

1- command line tool that can convert *.xml data conforming to  ietf-network-topology.yang to *.ned,
2- OMNeT++ module implementation of the behavior specified in the ietf-network-bridge.yang model that reads the configuration added as parameter string to the *.ned file.



Network topology specification in XML according to ietf-network-topology and ietf-network-bridge (draft) models: ...


Generated NED file: ...

Simulation run