IETF 101 Hackathon

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IETF standardization: Implement testcase for draft-ietf-netconf-yang-push-15.txt validating the concept and the YANG modules. link

  • INCOMPLETE: New (YANG 1.1) features like if-feature sub-statement used inside enumeration and identity defs cause the testcase to fail.


Interoperability: Configure Open Daylight Carbon server with enabled NETCONF northbound API using yangcli and trivial topology of netconfd NETCONF nodes on its southbound API. link

  • INCOMPLETE: Some of the YANG modules retrieved during connection fail.


Interoperability: Integrate CESNET YANG conformance test suite. Run testcases both against netconfd and confd. link

  • COMPLETE: In addition of netconfd confd and pyang were added. A lot of modules have unintended YANG errors. More of the validation sections should be added to the list.


Usability: Add netconfd example module where single shell script is called to handle configuration transaction and a single script is called to handle operational state read requests based on pre-configured list of schema path handler registrations allowing basic implementations without use of specific server API. link

  • INCOMPLETE: Added specification and a stub implementation that should be easily completed.