IETF 97 Hackathon ietf-alarms model implementation for yuma123 report

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The work on this project should help validate hands-on the latest state of the ietf-alarms model. Provide an opensource implementation and yield a report that can be taken into account in the further acceptance of the model.

Project goals

  • ietf-alarms.c - implementation of ietf-alarms.yang allowing:
    • ...
  • alarms-simulator.yang - test model to simulate generation of alarm events featuring:
    • ...
  • alarms-simulator.c - implementation of alarms-simulator.yang


The ietf-alarms and alarms-simulator loadable modules will allow going through different usage scenarios:

/usr/sbin/netconfd --module=ietf-alarms --module=alarms-simulator

... yangcli will be used for interaction.